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Journey through 'Promised Land,' a collection that encapsulates pivotal biblical moments. Each medallion stands as a testament, illuminating the path of spiritual growth and echoing the timeless truths of divine narratives.
Promised Land Tree of Life Amulet Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Angel Divine Guidance Pendant Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Strength & Bravery Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Everyday Miracles Blessings Spiral Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Follow Your Star Three Wise Men Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Wave Faith Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Cross Dove of Peace with Olive Branch Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Molten Fire Burning Bush Coin Medallion Necklace - vanimy
Promised Land Lion's Den Faith Triumph Pendant Necklace - vanimy

Eden Restored

This necklace draws its inspiration from the prophetic vision of Eden's restoration in Revelation. As the new Heaven and Earth emerge, with the river of life and the healing Tree of Life at its heart, we're reminded of the paradise once lost, soon to be restored. Engraved on the necklace's reverse are the profound verse and essence of this story ‘Be Whole'.

The 'Be Whole' medallion necklace is a touchstone to the soul, symbolizing enduring peace and inner harmony. Wear it as a daily affirmation of hope and serenity—a keepsake for you and a cherished gesture for loved ones.

Burning Bush

This necklace channels the transformative encounter Moses had with the Divine at the burning bush. In a solitary desert, a flame that consumed not sparked Moses' mission to lead his people to freedom. Etched on the reverse side is the verse and the heart of this tale: ‘Divine Calling'.

The 'Divine Calling' medallion necklace is a beacon of purpose and divine destiny. Let it be a daily reminder of the unique path you're called to walk—a symbol of faith and conviction, a treasure for you and those on their own sacred journey.

David and Goliath

This necklace captures the spirit of young David, who with unwavering faith faced the towering Goliath. Against all odds, and armed with just a sling and stone, David's victory symbolized the might of unwavering faith. On its reverse, the essence and verse of this story: 'Accepting the Challenge'.

The 'Accepting the Challenge' medallion necklace embodies the bravery that lies within. Wear it as a testament to the giants you've faced and the strength you harbor—a cherished emblem for you and those facing their battles with heart.

Manna Blessing

This necklace evokes the miracle of manna from heaven, a divine sustenance for the Israelites in their desert journey. An emblem of God's unwavering provision, it's a reminder that miracles abound in daily life. Carved on its back is the verse and sentiment of the story: 'Everyday Miracles.'

The 'Everyday Miracles' medallion necklace reminds us of the wonders found in daily life. Adorn it to remember the blessings that sustain and surprise—a beautiful token for you and for those cherishing life's serendipities.

Sojourner's Star

Drawing inspiration from the Magi's journey, guided by the star to Christ's birthplace, this necklace epitomizes the unwavering light that leads us. On its flip side, the verse and essence of the narrative: ‘Follow Your Own Star.'

The ‘Follow Your Own Star' medallion necklace is a compass for the heart, guiding you toward your divine destiny. Wear it as a symbol of your personal path and the light that leads—a precious memento for you and those navigating life with purpose.

Parting of the Red Sea

This necklace embodies the spirit of liberation and the awe-inspiring power of nature's miracles. With the Red Sea's symbolic parting at its heart, it serves as a universal symbol of overcoming formidable challenges. On the reverse side of the medallion, the essence of perseverance is captured with the inscription: ‘Overcoming Obstacles’.

The 'Overcoming Obstacles' medallion necklace is a celebration of enduring strength and the favor of providence. It is designed to be worn as an homage to the obstacles you have conquered and the expansive possibilities that lie ahead. This piece is a meaningful accessory for anyone who has triumphed against great odds and continues to pursue new frontiers.

Sabbath Rest

Channeling the biblical principle of the Sabbath, this necklace is a homage to the rest and rejuvenation that follows toil. As the day set apart for reflection, its essence and the accompanying verse is engraved on its reverse: ‘Sanctuary in Time'.

The ‘Sanctuary in Time' medallion necklace is an ode to inner peace and sacred pauses. Wear it to honor life's tranquil moments and the rejuvenation they bring—a cherished emblem for you and for those valuing life's gentle respites.

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