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Dual Cross Harmony Necklace - vanimy
Tiered Cross Ring - vanimy
Heart Cross Cord Necklace - vanimy
Heart Cross Cord Ring - vanimy
Liquid Cross Necklace - vanimy
Liquid Open Cross Ring - vanimy
Cord Open Ring - vanimy
Interlocking Triple Ring - vanimy
Cross and Crown of Thorns Faith Pendant Necklace - vanimy
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Crown of Thorns Cross Necklace - vanimy
Crown of Thorns Earrings - vanimy
Crown of Thorns Cross Stud Earrings - vanimy
Pavé Cross Y Necklace - vanimy
Cross Inset Band Ring - vanimy
Crown of Thorns Ring - vanimy
Hollow Crown of Thorns Wrapped Ring - vanimy
God Jesus Fish And Cross Ring - vanimy
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We Will be With You Cross Ichthys Necklace - vanimy
Double Zircon Cross Ring - vanimy
Highs and Lows Open Ring - vanimy
Crown of Thorns Bracelet - vanimy
Eternal Guardian Ankh Scarab Turquoise Egyptian Scepter Protection Amulet Pendant Necklace - vanimy
Rope Cross Pendant Necklace - vanimy
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Rope Cross Stack Ring - vanimy
Heartbound Unity Statement Ring - vanimy
Gold Love And Faith Cross Necklace - vanimy
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Zircon Cross Necklace - vanimy
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Zircon Cross Stack Ring - vanimy
Cord X Cross Necklace - vanimy
Cord X Cross Stackable Ring - vanimy
Bread of Life Cross Necklace - vanimy
Double Knotted Ring - vanimy

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Almond Blossom Letter A Pendant - vanimy
Barley Blossom Letter B Pendant - vanimy
Crocus Blossom Letter C Pendant - vanimy
Daisy Blossom Letter D Pendant - vanimy
Elder Flower Blossom Letter E Pendant - vanimy
Fig Blossom Letter F Pendant - vanimy
Grape Blossom Letter G Pendant - vanimy