Influencer Program

Vanimy hopes that each piece will inspire buyers to communicate with themselves or others about love and faith. It will also inspire them to share God's light and truth. We also hope that every wearer can be happy under the guidance of God.

Share your love and faith through jewelry! We want more people to express themselves through our work, so post a photo of your new creation and don't forget to tag us! #Vanimyjewelry.

If you're constantly struggling with gift giving, or interested in meaningful faith jewelry, our "Influencer Program" might be suitable for you. We look forward to having a dialogue with you about soul and faith!

It works like this:

You create original, relevant content about our work to engage your fans or social media audience, including your honest opinion and any thoughts

Create your content, tag #Vanimyjewelry in your images. Put the product name in the description and @Vanimyjewelry.

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to or contact our official social media through your various social media accounts. If your content fits our vision, let's see what we can create together!

*Follow @Vanimyjewelry on Instagram.