Gift For Family

Double Heart And Cross Ring - vanimy
Risparmia 20%
Three-Loop Stackable Ring Set - vanimy
Pray Cross Jesus Fish Bracelet - vanimy
Risparmia 17%
Adjusting Circle And Cross Ring - vanimy
Risparmia 20%
Gold Layered Circle Cross Necklace - vanimy
Gold Layered Cross Bracelet - vanimy
Cross Crown of Thorns Necklace - vanimy
Pavé X Cross Ring - vanimy
Crown of Thorns Bracelet - vanimy
Rope Cross Stack Ring - vanimy
Bread of Life Cross Necklace - vanimy
Interlocking Triple Ring - vanimy
Cutout Double Cross Bracelet - vanimy
Risparmia 17%
X Cord Band Ring - vanimy
Devout Cross Stack Ring - vanimy
Cord Open Ring - vanimy
Gold Love And Faith Cross Necklace - vanimy
Risparmia 15%
Pray Cross And Circle Ring - vanimy
Risparmia 20%
Double Knotted Ring - vanimy
Double Twisted Rope Solitaire Ring - vanimy
Risparmia 34%
Heart Zircon Cord Cross Necklace - vanimy
Pavé Cross Y Necklace - vanimy
Cross Twine Stackable Ring - vanimy