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The Sacred Geometry and Profound Narrative Woven into "Grace Upon Grace"

“For from His fullness we have all received,

 grace upon grace.”

-John 1:16

"Grace Upon Grace": Delving Deep into Divine Abundance

At first glance, "Grace upon Grace" may seem a poetic embellishment. Yet, its profound roots in scripture uncover a deeper, more resonant meaning. As written, "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, revealing the glory of the one true Son, bestowed by the Father, radiating grace and truth." This passage encapsulates God's immeasurable generosity.

The phrase 'grace upon grace' is not merely a comforting refrain but a vivid portrayal of God's enduring love. It conjures the image of waterfalls cascading with unceasing vigor, where each stream signifies a distinct blessing, all originating from an eternal, unchanging source. Such is the nature of Christ's benevolence, where each act, each grace, is layered upon the last, showcasing an expansive panorama of divine compassion. By embracing these words, we acknowledge the myriad spiritual gifts we receive and the profound abundance inherent in their bestowal.


The Essence of Triangles: Echoing the Christian Trinity

In a world awash with complexities, the simple triangle stands resolute—a beacon of primordial clarity amidst the cacophony. From the celestial pyramids that punctuate the skies to the guiding symbols on our paths, this three-sided figure commands an enigmatic reverence. Within Christian lore, the triangle assumes a higher calling, symbolizing the holy trinity of faith, hope, and love. Drawing from this profound symbolism, our newest collection, "Grace Upon Grace," emerges, marrying geometric simplicity with deep spiritual resonance.

Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø ,Norway

Introducing the Collection: Divine Geometry in Motion

The "Grace Upon Grace" collection is a harmonious fusion of minimalist design and profound spiritual resonance. Within its intricate framework, the interlocking triangles become emblematic of an eternal dance of giving and receiving—a testament to the intimate dance between divine grace and human experience. The top triangle, rendered in radiant gold, represents the overarching, all-encompassing grace of God—constant, eternal, and ever-present. Its magnified stature and lustrous hue symbolize God's omnipresent benevolence. In contrast, the bottom triangle embodies the personal, daily grace each individual encounters—underscoring the multifaceted and layered dimensions of God's mercy. Together, these triangles not only celebrate the duality of God's grace but also spotlight the exquisite balance between the universal and the personal in our spiritual journeys.

The Collection's Origins: A Testament to Resilience and Gratitude

Deep within the "Grace Upon Grace" Collection lies the transformative journey of our in-house designer, Isabella. Confronted with her father's terminal illness, she was cradled by an overwhelming wave of support from friends and her broader community. Yet, it wasn't just the embrace of grace she felt, but a call to action.

Inspired by these profound experiences, Isabella crafted each piece as an emblem of enduring love and gratitude. As Thanksgiving nears, this collection serves not just as an artistic expression but as Isabella's personal tribute: honoring those who once supported her and extending blessings to countless others, inviting them into the ever-expanding circle of grace.

The Cycle of Reciprocity: The Transformative Power of Grace

Life, with its complex mosaic of highs and lows, is held together by unexpected moments of kindness and heartwarming connections. Just when the tapestry seems to fray, grace intervenes, acting as the thread that not only mends but enriches our shared narrative. "Grace Upon Grace" serves as a testament to this magical dynamic, emphasizing that each gesture of goodwill isn't merely a fleeting instance but an eternal echo in the grand opera of human experience.

 As we journey through life's intricate ballet, we are more than just beneficiaries of grace; we are the very instruments that play its harmonious tune. Each act, no matter its scale, weaves into a bridge of understanding and unity, spanning divides and alighting hearts with hope. By embodying grace, we set forth ripples of kindness, resonating across the vast expanse of humanity.

The Season of Thanksgiving: A Celebration of Gratitude and Unity

As the time draws near to express our heartfelt thanks, the essence of Grace Upon Grace Collection becomes all the more radiant. It beckons us to not only cherish the grace we've been blessed with but also recognize our inherent potential to illuminate others' paths. This collection thus transcends its tangible form, transforming into a soulful odyssey—a dance of love and reciprocity that binds us in a tapestry of shared understanding and deepened compassion. May we all embrace this spirit, letting it guide our steps and elevate our hearts, in a world that yearns for such boundless grace.


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